An Audio-Visual Company that is in line with Covid-19 government guidelines

As a leading audio visual company, we have had to change the way we operate to ensure that
we are working safely and in line with the new government guidelines surrounding Covid-19.
We want to reassure our current customers as well as new companies who are currently
looking to enhance their audio technology, that we are fully operating the safe government
measures in place to make sure that you can still get the latest Audio Visual equipment set up
in a safe manner.

The business world is always changing and in recent years and even recent months there has
been a shift in the way businesses are running. The impact of Covid-19 means businesses
have had to rethink on how to keep their employees safe and run their business within the
new guidelines. The workplace is no longer a single solid space where employees are present
since a large percentage of businesses now have employees and clients scattered across the
world and working from home. How are businesses able to ensure that they maintain a good
level of communication with their clients and employees? Their solution? Audio Visual

Audio Visual can help improve communication within your business

AV technology means you can communicate in various ways which increases productivity in the workplace and enables businesses to maintain close relationships with overseas departments and employees working from home. Each department can work cooperatively and efficiently using the right equipment and following government Covid-19 guidelines. The following types of Audio Visual can help improve communication within your business.

Interactive Technology
As many businesses are putting safety measures in place for their staff to return to work many
employees are returning to the office and having meetings. People returning to work will be
looking at ways to engage with other team members and brainstorm their ideas, smart
whiteboards are a great solution for this. This interactive technology also helps strengthen the
learning process because it gives a clear and imaginative way of presenting information to

Many studies show that people respond well to images and diagrams as well as being able to
collaborate on ideas, which means this kind of interactive technology is the perfect solution
for many meeting spaces.

Video Conferencing
As the world is changing and we are having to deal with the effects of Covid-19 businesses
are looking at ways to make communication more efficient for their colleagues and clients.
Video conferencing facilities allow your business to make an instant connection with others
as and when they need it, even when they are on the go or working from home. Video
conferencing has huge benefits for this ever-changing world by making meetings more
efficient with the exchange of one to one communication and a greater sense of community
among business contacts, both within and between companies, as well as with clients. This
face to face connection allows people to develop a stronger sense of working relationships
with clients and colleagues. Other great benefits of video conferencing are lower travel costs,
with many more people now working from home due to Covid-19 travel restrictions means
that you and your employees can save money on travel and keep within the government guidelines.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage is an effective way to display and promote content around your organisation and is quickly becoming one of the largest areas for growth within the B2B Audio Visual sector. Content can even be spread from a central location and sent to screens in other offices owned by your business.

If you are looking to showcase information, examples of work, staff news and even industry
news, digital screens are the ideal solution. Signage is very useful for people visiting your
business as the screens are positioned in all the right areas, the waiting areas being the perfect
example. When they are positioned in these areas you can highlight important information
about your company, such as recent projects, success stories, company guidelines and

Audio Visual in your Workplace

If you are looking to update your audio visual technology in your workplace we are
operating as normal and we pride ourselves on going over and above our competitors guiding
you on what you need for your AV set up, offering a totally bespoke and tailored service.
Every business is different, and it is our duty and expertise to offer a free consultation on
offering you the right solution for your business and workplace. Get in touch with our team
by either calling the number on our website or simply fill out the contact form on our
contact page for a free consultation.

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