An Audio-Visual Company that is in line with Covid-19 government guidelines

As a leading audio visual company, we have had to change the way we operate to ensure that we are working safely and in line with the new government guidelines surrounding Covid-19. We want to reassure our current customers as well as new companies who are currently looking to enhance their audio technology, that we are fully operating the safe government measures in place to make sure that you can still get the latest… Read more »

Av Equipment A Necessity For Any Modern Company

​The modern world we live in is fast paced, energetic and ever changing. Society is changing rapidly, caught up in a frenzied spiral of new addiction the human desire for excitement is increasing, at the same uncontrollable rate attention spans are decreasing. AV Equipment is to put it simply, a necessity for any modern company or event. Time is money, attention is king and people have a requirement to be entertained and entertained now…. Read more »

AVAT LTD – Leading Audio Visual Company

As one of the leading audio visual companies in the UK, excellent customer service and forward-thinking audio visual is at the heart of what we do. With over 30 years’ experience and over 5000 projects completed, we give our clients a holistic experience taking the time to closely work with their teams to understand their AV needs, goals and visions. We are trusted by leading businesses such as BBC, Costa, Google, Hampshire Fire &… Read more »