Our Approach to Audio Visual Systems Training

At AVAT our approach to training clients how to use their Audio Visual system is not simply showing you how to push buttons.

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Achieve Your Goals

We see it as our job to make your people feel comfortable in using their system to achieve their personal or organisational goals:

  • Improve the quality of presentations with better projection or display equipment
  • Enable meeting to be conducted easily and effectively using audio or video conferencing systems.
  • Improve the ability to communicate to an audience with a specialist public address system in your auditorium

Relaxed Environment

AVAT’s Audio Visual systems training team always aim to create a relaxed and informal training environment. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and the emphasis is on communication, not technology. We include as much hands on practice as possible, to make learning more enjoyable and let participants realise how easy it is to use the technology.

Experienced Team

Our trainers have many years’ experience in course preparation and delivery. In addition they participate in a rigorous training and evaluation programme to ensure they are aware of all current developments within the audio visual industry.

Video and Audio Conferencing Training

Video and Audio Conference training is generally conducted using a video conferencing session. This creates a fully interactive hands-on learning experience, which allows the participants to practice and consolidate skills as they are learnt. It also helps to build the confidence of participants in the skills required within video and audio conferencing and highlights the differences in their ‘styles’ of meeting.

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